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Molluscum are skin growths that are caused by a virus. They appear as flesh-colored bumps that are pearly and smooth, and may be as large as the diameter of a pencil eraser. The virus lives inside of the molluscum, usually in a central pit.

Molluscum usually go away on their own, within several weeks to several years of appearing. They are more annoying than harmful, but can be passed on to other people through direct contact. In some cases, they can itch or become irritated.


There are several dermatological treatments available for molluscum. There are topical creams, like MolluscumRx, that can be prescribed. Another non-painful option, Cantharone, is made from beetles. This blistering agent is applied to the molluscum, and then washed off several hours later. The area will blister and scab, and once the scab falls off, the molluscum will be gone.

Molluscum can also be frozen off with liquid nitrogen. This causes a blister similar to the one caused by Cantharone treatment. It is also possible for a dermatologist to scrape off the molluscum with a special tool after numbing the area with a topical cream.

The downside is that new molluscum can form in mid-treatment. Because of this, multiple treatments may be required to get rid of them once and for all.

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