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15 Ways to Drink More Water for Healthier Skin

You may know that water plays a critical role in the health of your circulatory, respiratory, excretory and nervous systems. But did you know that you should drink more water for healthier skin?

“The skin is your body’s largest organ and needs plenty of water to keep it healthy and in good working order” says Richard Price, M.D. of Price Skin Care Clinic of Ridgeland, Mississippi. “You can keep your skin hydrated by moisturizing it and by drinking plenty of water each day.”

Although ‘drink more water’ has been a health mantra for years, it’s not always easy to remember to drink the proverbial eight glasses of water a day. And for some, it’s just plain boring.

Here are 15 ways to drink more water for healthier skin, add some spark to your daily water consumption and keep it interesting, fun and even tasty.

#1: Wake Up and Drink Up
Before going to bed at night, pour a glass of water and leave it on your bedside table. If you wake up during the night and feel parched, drink your water then. Otherwise, give your body a quick lift by drinking your water as soon as you wake up in the morning.

#2: Get Fancy and Get Personal
It might seem superficial, but everyone enjoys having something new. So why not buy yourself a colorful water bottle to add some fun to your water regimen? Choose one that’s your favorite color and personalize it with your name or with stickers. The point is to make it fun and make it personal. You’ll enjoy it more.

#3: Mark Your Bottle
If you struggle with drinking your water for the day, schedule it. Mark the bottle in one-inch blocks and try to drink a inch or two every hour.

#4: Chill Out
Whether it’s hot or cold outside, you’ll tend to drink more water if it’s cold. So keep ice in your bottle or stick it in the fridge. You’ll enjoy it more.

#5: Suck it Up
Have you ever wondered why restaurants bring a straw with your drink? It’s because you tend to drink more when using a straw. So keep straws handy and you’re likely to drink more water.

#6: Make it Tasty
Some people don’t like the taste of water. Others get bored with it. Either way, spice up your water with fruit, veggies and even herbs. Try such combinations as: strawberry, lemon and basil; orange and blueberry; watermelon and mint; citrus and cucumber or watermelon and coconut. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

#7: Spice it Up
Trick yourself into drinking more water by adding hot peppers or hot sauce to your food. You’ll definitely drink more water!

#8: Use Your Smartphone
Use an app like Waterlogged to track your water level. You can also set ‘water alarms’ throughout the day to remind you to get your water in.

#9: Water, Please
Restaurants used to bring water to the table automatically, but these days you usually have to ask. Why not skip the soda and tea and drink water with your meal? You’ll not only save the calories but you’ll save money too. And of course, you’ll drink more water for healthier skin.

#10: Eat Water
You can eat your water too by way of munching on water-filled fruit and vegetables such as cucumbers, melons and salad greens.

#11: Pop in a Popsicle
Another way to eat your water is to make healthy popsicles at home with fruit and water.

#12: Build Water into Your Routines
• Drink a glass of water before dinner
• Drink a glass of water after brushing your teeth
• Drink a glass of water when taking your medications or vitamins

#13: Drink Bubbles
Water with gas – or sparkling water – can offer a zesty alternative to regular water. You can even cut it with juice to add flavor and color.

#14: Ice is Nice
Some folks enjoy sucking on crushed ice. If you’re one of those, keep crushed ice in a freezer and refill your cup every hour.

#15: Make A Plan and Work Your Plan
If you set a goal of how much water you’re going to drink, and track it, you’re more likely to reach the goal.

And of course, you don’t have use all 15 of these tips to drink more water for healthier skin. Just choose your favorites and make them a daily habit.

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